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Sallybase Consulting practice focuses exclusively on addressing the operational needs of customers, from design to implementation, assuring outcomes along the way. Experienced practitioners target operating model design, process optimization, technology implementations, effective use of data, and deep domain expertise to meet clients’ ever-changing business needs.

Sallybase has a heritage of solving complex operational, process and industry business problems for many of customers around the world. By leveraging the proprietary Sallybase Tresstant Solution, which embeds analytics and automation into operations management, as well as value-oriented pricing, we are able to deliver superior operational outcomes for clients.


Our clients’ priorities drive our business focus. They depend on Sallybase’s industry knowledge to help them solve the toughest of problems. For us, “good enough” is not enough.

Consumer Electronics & Technology

We provide solutions to consumer electronics manufacturers around the world, integrating multiple customer interaction channels to maximize customer satisfaction and reduce cost.

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Telecommunications & Media

Supporting a diverse and ever-changing product suite cost effectively while maintaining customer loyalty and driving higher average revenue per user is a challenging balance.

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Retail & e-Commerce

Digital innovation has shifted power from brands to customers. The customer is now in control and delivering an exceptional customer experience means providing service in the channels they prefer 24x7.

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Consumer Packed Goods

CPG companies are challenged by the need to balance traditional retail and wholesale channels with the need to follow consumers into emerging channels such as mobile and social.

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Public Sector

We understands the need for efficient delivery & timely resolution. We work with government departments & public sector organisations to deliver cost effective services to meet public expectations.

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Retail banking customers service solutions research, purchase and manage increasingly complex banking services on demand using mobile devices anytime, anywhere. The channels through which customers interact with banks provide challenges, but also opportunities.

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Sallybase has the healthcare domain knowledge and innovation to deliver optimized outcomes.

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Increased competition, slow growth, and consolidation in the insurance industry means the ability to provide an exceptional customer experience across the lifecycle needs to be a crucial part of your differentiation strategy.

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Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

While airlines and hotels grapple with the shift toward more direct interaction with consumers, independent of travel agents, they also need to balance an increased demand for offer personalization and a transition to online customer contact channels.

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