Every company has its data in huge numbers which have to be stored in a secure location. Cloud storage offers the benefit for business where any relevant data can be stored and makes it easily accessible and usable with authorization. Also provides flexibility to access anywhere in the world.

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  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Security
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Cloud Computing


The general goal or advantage of any cloud migration is to host applications and information within the best IT atmosphere possible and we are here for you.

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Sallybase believes in the transformational power of Cloud Computing for Cloud service suppliers and enterprises, be it an outsized or little.

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Cloud security, can also be called as cloud computing security, consists of a collection of policies, controls, procedures and technologies.

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Sallybase offers dedicated cloud services from developing a strategy through implementation and management of cloud decorum. We bring to you experiences and leadership and integrate the latest technologies to help you make secured solutions and create high value for your business.

Sallybase cloud service makes your project and operations of a business easier and more flexible to change, sustainable and secures it. We believe in adding value to your business operations. We develop complete cloud strategy solutions with secured vision, agile and integrated cloud environment.

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