Sallybase experts captured several records, as well as structured, unstructured and biometric information. They architected and deployed the outcome using open source big data technologies to make a biometric identity platform. The platform helped improve the country’s social insurance web, prevented duplication, enabled fraud detection and created national identities for each resident.

Implementation consulting - Our big data consulting and implementation services begin with understanding your desires and assessing your technology infrastructure before making a method for implementation. See how you'll leverage big data applications to assemble insights and solve business challenges.

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Improvement consulting - We are here to guide your business with the help of our data Maturity Model to specifically outline what you would like to try to do to be one step ahead in comparison to your competitors. We tend to believe that data quality initiatives should run in parallel to business activities. which means there’s a requirement for a current investment in data governance, inside the parameters of your budget. You don’t need to aim for zero mistakes in your data, as a result of that might be too costly. Instead, we'll assist you accomplish a state where your data is actually fit for.

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